Homemade Musical Instruments – Maracas

Hi guys,

I have often looked for activities to do with children that are fun but can also teach music. Today I am going to teach you how to make your own Maracas. This is a fun activity to do both in the classroom and also at home. Make sure to send me a picture of your Maracas – I’d love to see how you got on.

What you will need

  • Uncooked Rice
  • Beans
  • Split Peas
  • Plastic Spoons
  • Washi Tape
  • Colourful Bright Plastic Easter Eggs


Step 1 – Fill your plastic eggs with the dry ingredients. This is a great fine motor activity for little hands!

Step 2 – Put two spoons together, with the heads of the spoons facing. Grab your washi tape and begin wrapping it tightly around the handles of the spoons. Alternate with different washi tape patterns to make your maraca handles more colorful.

Step 3 – Open the heads of the spoons slightly and set an egg inside the heads of the spoon.

Step 4 – Wrap your egg with washi tape, beginning by going over the seam of the egg. Going around with the tape 2-3 times around the seam will make it more secure.

Step 5 – Wrap the head of the maraca with more washi tape.

Happy music making!





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