Beginners Music Theory Book 1

Hi guys,

Last week I let you all in on some very exciting news. This evening I am delighted to say my book is ready and will be on sale from Monday 4th June.

Music Avenue’s Beginners Music Theory Book 1 is the first in an exciting new range of music theory books aimed specifically at primary school age children. The book is incredibly colourful and the once drab and tedious subject of music theory is now brought to life with vibrant colours, fun activities and amusing caricatures.

Very easy to understand, the book explains in an interesting but simple way the basic concepts such as what clefs are, how to draw them effectively and correctly and what such symbols entail. Other methods to remember essentials such as the note names of lines and spaces are made easy in a clear, colourful and exciting format.

The skill of writing music notation is developed incredibly early as the young reader is encouraged to practice drawing accurate and impressive music notation elements such as clefs or minims with a pencil by copying easy to follow musical examples in the book into blank spaces for practice. These entries can then be erased out for repetition of the exercise.

Beginners Music Theory Book 1 also encourages the reader to engage more with the material with the use of supplied stickers which the pupil can apply to the book to stimulate further retention and learning. This will bring learning to life with beautiful hues and interesting tasks.

The instruments of the orchestra are introduced in witty cartoons which make their characteristics interesting and memorable and will entice the child to want to find out more about the instruments.

Using both American and European terminology such as crotchets or quarter notes, the book can also be used in other countries. Music theory is very often regarded as an incredibly uninteresting subject with arcane symbols from cultures far removed from modern life and contemporary music. Many adults remember their childhood music theory lessons as both bemusing and repetitive.

However, with the Beginners Music Theory Book 1, young children are introduced to the ideas of music theory and notation in a way that they will enjoy and look forward to because the ideas are introduced in pleasant ways. Even the ‘drills’ and exercises in the book will encourage young readers to return to study the material as the exercises and the more difficult elements of reading rhythmic notation are introduced in an approachable and genuinely interesting way. These exercises also allow the parent or teacher to monitor how the child is progressing and how much he or she is retaining the material.

Using this book in school will engage the young learners to follow and concentrate more easily as the teacher explains the subject at hand. As the students will be actively drawing and writing notation while applying the given stickers to their copy of the book they will be more likely to pay attention and retain information for longer.

If Beginners Music Theory Book 1 is used to teach music theory to your musicians in music schools, primary schools, creches, when they take up an instrument themselves or play in orchestras they will happily realise how knowing music notation and theory can benefit their burgeoning musical careers.

The first of these inspiring new range of books will be available from from Monday 4th June 2018.  Don’t forget you can reserve a copy of the book now by contacting me on

I hope you love the book as much as I have loved creating it




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