Advertising Your Music Lessons – How Rewarding Your Students Will Reward Your Music School

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Now that September is coming to an end you may be looking at your timetable and thinking you have space for more students. Many teachers and schools know it can be difficult to advertise your music lessons. Did you know there is one main advertising tool that benefits both the students in your school and yourself. Throughout this post I will be discussing how rewarding your students will reward your music school.

So you’ve got your music students practising, progressing, and loving their lessons. Is your job           finished? Not quite.

We all appreciate being appreciated. Children especially blossom with a bit of sincere praise – even more so if the acknowledgement extends beyond verbal praise. And, if your students are excelling and loving their music lessons, word of mouth advertising for your music lessons will take off.

We are certainly not discounting verbal acknowledgement for student effort and achievement. These confidence-boosting comments are an extremely important aspect of music teaching and should be a regular part of every lesson. However, the next step is to recognize and reward student effort and achievement in a more formal way.

Our school and teachers have become masterful at recognizing students in unique and exciting ways. The more inventive you are, the more it means to your music students. Forget about filling in pre-made certificates and handing it to your students as they leave their lessons. There are far more unique and creative ways (that also serve as advertising for your music school!) that will thrill students and their parents.

When brainstorming creative forms of recognition you MUST remember that, although advertising opportunities for your music school will invariably arise, the efforts of the student are what is central. Rewards that involve blatant advertising (ie. My Son is a XYZ Music School Honor Student) are tacky.

What you really want is parents to brag to their friends, “Hey, did you know that Sarah’s original composition was so brilliant her piano teacher asked her if she wanted to record it onto her schools year-end CD!”… or other such exclamations of your originality and brilliance.

There you have it… Sarah’s efforts are front and center, while her parents help you with word-of-mouth advertising for your music lessons.


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