Try this Piano Teaching Game to Add Some Excitement to Piano Scales

Hi guys,

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and a very Happy New Year. I haven’t been on here in awhile so since we are all heading back to the classroom next week I decided to write a blog on helpful tips to add some excitement to learning your scales.

Today we’re introducing a new feature around here… Music Teaching Game Day! Once a week, we will be posting some fantastically creative and fun music teaching games you can use to liven up your lessons.

Today’s Teaching Game… Stampin’ up the Scale

Learning Objective

Stampin’ up the Scale will improve your students’ abilities to visualize a one octave scale in any given key.

Game Materials

To teach Stampin’ up the Scale to your students, you will need to print a two-octave piano key diagram. I would suggest blowing up (8 ½ x 17). Example below:

You will also need a bingo dabber or stamp.

Playing Stampin’ up the Scale

1. Teacher names a scale… major, natural minor, harmonic, melodic… your choice.
2. At “Get set, go!” your student uses the “dabber” to leave a coloured mark on the correct ascending pattern of white and black keys to complete one octave of the named piano scale.
3. At the same time, the teacher attempts to play the named scale three times (or more… or less) before the student completes the “dabbing” (this is the “timer” for the game as they try to beat you, but also gives the students the chance to process the scale aurally. Set your “timer”/number of times you play the scale based on your students’ abilities.

And Don’t Forget…

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