The Bass Clef Blitz

Hi guys,

We are back again with another Teaching Game for your students.

That pesky bass clef!

While my students take to the treble clef like a duck to water, visually recognising notes in the bass clef always seems to be a challenge. And this is not because I only teach the treble clef to my students. I don’t. In fact, I introduce guide notes in the treble and bass clefs almost from day 1 (well, not quite… but you get the idea).

So if, like me, your students tend to struggle with the bass clef, give this week’s Teaching Game a try and watch your students become bass clef big shots!

Today’s Teaching Game… The Bass Clef Blitz

Piano Teaching Games

Learning Objective

To help students gain confidence reading bass clef notation.

Game Materials

To play the Bass Clef Blitz you will need 3 sets of 8 flashcards that display each note in the bass clef. You will also need game cards that display a variety of words that can be spelled using the letters A – G (eg. cage, egg, bad, badge…). You will also need a stopwatch or metronome.

Playing The Bass Clef Blitz

1. Begin by scattering the bass clef note cards around your classroom.
2. On the word “GO”, display a word card (such as “cage”) to your student.
3. Start the stopwatch or start counting metronome “ticks”
4. Your student must race around the room to collect the bass note cards that combine to spell the word “cage”.
5. Once the notes are collected your student must place the notes on the table in the correct order and then play them on their instrument.
6. For fun, keep time records based on word length.

And Remember…

Each week we will blog about a great new teaching game for your classroom.