Game Day – Articulation Domination

Hi guys,

We are back again with Game Day!

Do your students struggle with articulation marks? Do your students even see articulation marks?… Or do they plough through pieces like a tween racing for Bieber tickets? If you count your students among the “bull in a china shop” variety, we can help!

Today’s Teaching Game… Articulation Domination

Learning Objective

Today’s teaching game is designed to help students learn and recognize articulation markings.

Game Materials

– 1 set of flashcards with a variety of music notes on the staff
– 1 set of flashcards with a variety of articulation marks
– 2 hats (or containers)
– a stopwatch

Playing Articulation Domination

1. Separate the flashcards into one pile of notes and one pile of articulation marks.
2. Place the notes into one hat and the articulation marks into the other hat.
3. Instruct your student to pull one note and one articulation mark out of each hat.
4. Instruct your student to play the note in the style of the articulation mark shown.
5. Once they’ve got the hang of it, bring out the stopwatch. How many pairings can they correctly play in one minute? 30 seconds? Watch your students’ note reading speed and attention to articulation markings improve!

But wait… there’s more

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Don’t forget I will be back next week with more Teaching Games.